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You are probably in search of an idea or a recipe to inspire you in your super journey to greatness. Maybe, you are just looking for an answer to something that has been bugging you. Either way, you are in the right place; you will find thought-provoking reads and experience-grounded answers in here.

I think of authentic living as being kind to our body, to our mind and to mother earth. The personal and societal gains of doing right by these three core life elements are considerable and well documented. In other words, we are happier, more successful and our planet is less endangered, when we take well care of ourselves and mother earth.

Every Kongomum article is purposedly written to get you a step closer to finding an authentic, kind way of living that works for you. I hope that reading a piece on here can open up new exciting possibilities in your life, just like a conversation at a networking event can get you through a door you have been knocking on for months.

I wish you light to brighten your path to happiness and greatness.

Boyeyi malamu! Karibu! Akwaba! Welcome! Bienvenu!