Why I chose self discipline to bring up my daughter

I rarely hear parents openly speak about the expectations they have for their children (without bragging), and how they aim  to help their children reach them. The fear of being judged has probably something to do with this. Yet, if parents spoke more about parenting style and visions, we could all surely learn from each other. Call me naive, En savoir plus surWhy I chose self discipline to bring up my daughter[…]

Children and race, at what age do we talk about race?

Living in a multicultural country exposes us to new cultures, and broadens our horizons without having to travel far. In London, for instance, you can have a taste of China in China Town, or befriend someone from remote places such as Nepal or Tasmania. Most adults would know how to « behave » in their first encounter with En savoir plus surChildren and race, at what age do we talk about race?[…]

Allaiter en public n’a rien d’anormal

Tout le monde est d’accord que le lait maternel est le meilleur pour un bébé. Il donne aux nourrissons les éléments nutritionels pour un bon développement. Mais il semble que l’on ne soit pas tous sur la même page lorsqu’il s’agit d’allaiter les bébés dans des lieux publics, tels que le restaurant, centre commercial, bus etc. Ceci est surtout le cas dans les pays occidentaux. Apparemment ça gène beaucoup. En quoi? Je ne sais pas trop. Les mères qui allaitent En savoir plus surAllaiter en public n’a rien d’anormal[…]

How did I become that mother…

Before I had my child, like many people, I used to be shocked at how some mothers handled their kids. The ones that really got to me were those who let their child cry and remained calm while people around them became edgy. I wondered how they could stay so calm when their child was so loud and everyone En savoir plus surHow did I become that mother…[…]

First Christmas as a mother

Christmas is a day we truly dedicate to family and friends, and it is particularly exciting for those who may only have this day to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is also a great time for gift exchange as this has become a tradition of this festive day. This year’s Christmas is full of new things for En savoir plus surFirst Christmas as a mother[…]