Sugar in Baby Food: Know what you buy

Many parents know the dangers of high sugar diet. Some are cautious and check their food labels meticulously. But are parents vigilant when it comes to sugar in baby food? Supermarket ready meals for babies have excellent packaging, obviously for sales purposes. They all scream, in bright colours and bold pictures, of the goodness they contain for En savoir plus surSugar in Baby Food: Know what you buy[…]

How did I become that mother…

Before I had my child, like many people, I used to be shocked at how some mothers handled their kids. The ones that really got to me were those who let their child cry and remained calm while people around them became edgy. I wondered how they could stay so calm when their child was so loud and everyone En savoir plus surHow did I become that mother…[…]

First Christmas as a mother

Christmas is a day we truly dedicate to family and friends, and it is particularly exciting for those who may only have this day to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is also a great time for gift exchange as this has become a tradition of this festive day. This year’s Christmas is full of new things for En savoir plus surFirst Christmas as a mother[…]

Clingy baby? Don’t worry about explaining this

Certain parents live with the fear (or shame/regret) of having a clingy baby, some struggle to deal with their clingy baby, and others just don’t think about babies’ clinginess too much.  I now fall in the last category, but used to be somehow so uncomfortable when my baby got clingy in social circumstances. Whenever she got like that, En savoir plus surClingy baby? Don’t worry about explaining this[…]

What I wish my doctor had told me about BCG Vaccine

BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) vaccine injects a « weakened form » of the bacteria that causes TB into your baby so that they can develop immunity against it. It’s scary to know that your baby is being injected with a serious bacteria. Even though doctors have years’ experience and that the vaccine had been given out for years, it does En savoir plus surWhat I wish my doctor had told me about BCG Vaccine[…]

Get ready for baby’s first swimming class

Hubby and I agreed that swimming would be part of Baby’s activities before she was even born. However, we never agreed on when would be best for her to start. I wanted her to get in a pool as soon as the doctor gave us the go-ahead (from 2 weeks), but hubby was reluctant and wanted En savoir plus surGet ready for baby’s first swimming class[…]

Babies are simply a blessing

Not a day goes by without me being thankful for my baby girl. I think she’s the best baby in the world, but this does not stop me from loving other babies. In my eyes, babies are blessings and miracles. When I was pregnant I knew how unpredictable pregnancies and deliveries could be, with common En savoir plus surBabies are simply a blessing[…]

Parenting advice: trusting your gut is ok

Being a new parent is tough. You have a long list of things to learn quite fast, ranging from decoding your baby’s cries to understanding their sleeping, eating, and even toilet patterns. Parenting advice from those who have been there before can, therefore, be godsend. From our baby’s early days, we are showered with parenting advice from En savoir plus surParenting advice: trusting your gut is ok[…]